Slippery roads caused problems, 133 crashes in Brown County Saturday morning

Car in ditch on I43 on Saturday January 12, 2019. (WLUK/Amanda Becker)

(WLUK) -- Freezing temperatures caused slippery roads, particularly in the Brown County area Saturday morning.

"We were experiencing significantly high volumes of traffic crashes," said Lt. John Bain with the Brown County Sheriff's Department.

According to Brown County Public Safety, 133 crashes were reported between all police departments between 7 am and noon Saturday morning.

"We were definitely not expecting the icy roads today," said Bain. "We were getting a light rain, most described it as a mist, the conditions were just right to ice it up. We did call in extra patrol both the sheriff’s office and we had assistance from Wisconsin state patrol."

Cars spun out, and unable to stop glided into ditches.

The Brown County Sheriff's Department instituted a "tow ban" Saturday morning due to the conditions and number of crashes.

The Green Bay Police Department asked motorists to slow down.

Please be aware that the highways and city roads around Green Bay are very slippery due to weather conditions. There have been multiple accidents on I43 and I41 due to slippery road conditions. Motorists are being reminded to reduce their speed, leave plenty of room between vehicles, and allow for longer drive times.

And the National Weather Service issued a winter weather advisory.

Light freezing drizzle was producing icy roads and sidewalks across parts of northeast and east central Wisconsin this morning. It is expected to end from east to west by midday. Until then, slow down and be especially careful at intersections and elevated road surfaces

We asked drivers how the roads were this morning.

"It was a little crazy because it's freezing," said Alberto Sanchez.

Salt trucks quickly made it out to highways and main roads.

"The roads looked good but there were about 5 cars on the road in the ditch," said Daniel Minesal.

Lee Larsen wasn't on the roads for the worst of it, but he did hear a first hand account from his daughter.

"She says the freeways were like bumper cars, everybody hitting the rails and it was just treacherous. By now the roads are a little bit better because it's milder temperatures," said Larsen.

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