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SKYFOX looks down at the Rapide Croche Dam | VIDEO

SKYFOX flies over the Rapide Croche Dam in the Town of Buchanan, Nov. 29, 2017. (WLUK image)

TOWN OF BUCHANAN (WLUK) -- Among the 17 historic locks along the Fox River between Green Bay and Lake Winnebago, the one at the Rapide Croche Dam plays a key role in protecting Northeast Wisconsin's ecosystem.

The lock is permanently sealed to prevent invasive species from making their way from Lake Michigan into the river and many of Wisconsin's inland lakes and rivers. The Fox River Navigational System Authority plans to build a boat cleaning and transfer station to wash off any invasive stowaways from boats. The system is a key part of a plan to allow boaters to travel between Green Bay and Lake Winnebago.

According to the FRNSA, the Rapide Croche lock between Kaukauna and Wrightstown was originally built in 1850 and rebuilt between 1931 and 1939.

SKYFOX flew over the Rapide Croche Dam Nov. 28, 2017, for impressive aerial views of the dam, the river and the surrounding area.

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