Sky Top Supper Club demolished in Green Bay

Sky Top Supper Club in Green Bay, September 6, 2017 (WLUK/Eric Peterson)

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- A piece of Green Bay history is just a memory.

The former Sky Top Supper Club has stood near the intersection of Manitowoc Road and Main Street for decades.

Wednesday morning, it all came crumbling down.

With its black shingled roof and signature sign, many considered the Sky Top Supper Club a Green Bay landmark.

People came to see the building one last time.

"It's sad. This was my all-time favorite supper club. Judy and Vern were wonderful people. I've never had a bad meal there. It breaks my heart to see this coming down," said Peg Konop of Bellevue.

Judy and Vern Krawczyk bought the restaurant in 1972.

"Our steaks came out, our platters were 225 degrees when they came out of the kitchen. You never got a cold steak at our place," said Vern Krawczyk.

The Sky Top closed 12 years ago. Krawczyk says the building has a history.

"It was build back in 1928 as a speakeasy, in the middle of Prohibition. And then when that was repealed in 1933, it opened back up and it became quite an infamous place called the Silver Slipper, with ladies of the night," he said.

Mike Bultman of Bultman Limousine Service next door owns the site now.

"Mike wants to clean it up, make it look better around. It was a building that wasn't being used anymore, and it sat for 10 years, I was told," said Kevin Parrett, Bultman Limousine Service.

Crews crept in with heavy equipment and ripped apart the old supper club a little at a time. But when it came to the top of the roof, the operator of the 35-ton excavator used skill and care to remove and deliver the 100-pound Sky Top sign to the team waiting below.

"What an art to drive that great big piece of machinery and be able to lift that sign out of there," said Judy Krawczyk.

With the sign gone, demolition stepped up. In a couple of hours, 89 years of Green Bay history was reduced to rubble.

"Sweet memories. We had so many good times here," said Krawczyk.

Demolition crews say it will take about another day to remove all the debris.

The future of the site has yet to be determined.

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