Shiocton School District opens new multi-purpose fitness facility

Shiocton School District opens new multi-purpose fitness facility Thursday, November 1, 2018. (WLUK/Pafoua Yang)

SHIOCTON (WLUK) -- Decades in the making, Shiocton Schools has a new multi-purpose fitness facility.

On Thursday, there was a ribbon-cutting for the long-awaited opening in Outagamie County, where a former student's idea finally became reality.

Dave Gomm held back tears as he looked at the facility he calls a dream come true.

“I graduated some 30 odd years ago, I was a wrestler, always wanted some place for wrestlers to go," Gomm told FOX 11.

For the past 20 years, Gomm worked on Schiocton's school board. One of his goals? A new home for the wrestling club.

“We kind of got pushed to here, pushed to there, we always said we'd get a room some day, we'll get our own," explained Gomm.

Earlier this year, the community helped fulfill that dream, approving a $2 million referendum.

“We don't have to wrestle in the cafeteria anymore, so we don't have to spend a half hour or 45 minutes rolling up mats and moving tables and everything else," said Gomm.

But with the facilities shiny hard floor, untouched basketball rims, and heavy weights, it's clear the building goes well beyond wrestling.

The building is a multi-purpose gym in one half and an all-inclusive workout room in the other.

“In fact we have one piece of equipment that you can remove the seat completely and a wheel chair can then be connected," explained Nichole Schweitzer, the school district administrator.

Community members are also invited to use the equipment. Sharon Allen said she plans to teach her exercise class at the new facility.

“Isn't it wonderful? We need those joints to last forever," Allen said.

And whether it's working on your joints or wrestling skills, Gomm said it's a place everyone can call home.

"This is way more than I ever expected," added Gomm.

Fitness center hours:

Monday - Friday: Saturday:
5-7 AM 7-10 AM
12-1 PM
5-9 PM

Membership Fees:

Individual adult $100/annual
Individual adult $12/month
College student $40/annual
Adult daily rate $2/day

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