Investigators take a closer look at skimmer found at Woodman's

Authorities say two suspects placed this skimming device over the card reader at a local grocery store, December 5, 2017. (WLUK/Courtesy: Brown County Sheriff's Office)

HOWARD (WLUK) --The Brown County Sheriff's office continues to search for two skimmer suspects.

More than two weeks ago, the pair is believed to have placed a skimmer device at the Woodman's Food Market in Howard.

"Technology has changed, technology has become a lot easier for thieves to steal our information," said Lt. James Valley.

Valley says it's still unclear how many people's information may have been stolen.

"We don't know how many victims were victimized beforehand. We have the evidence, we're processing the evidence. That takes some time."

Investigators say the skimmer was unlike the ones they've seen before.

"It doesn't look any different than your regular machine that you're swiping your card on; that information is then being transmitted to the thieves to steal your information," Valley said.

Working to make sure your information is secure this holiday season, the Better Business Bureau is offering some tips.

"Make sure everything looks okay, the payment slot or the keypad shouldn't look loose or shouldn't be a different color, the graphics should match up," said Susan Bach, spokesperson for the Better Business Bureau.

Bach also suggests using a credit card with a chip.

"With a chip card, those transaction numbers change with each transaction, so it's a one-time transaction, those are the most secure," she said.

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