Cleared: Weather downs power line, causes gas leak in Appleton

Severe weather downs power lines, causes gas leak in Appleton (WLUK/Mike Moon)


The scene is clear.


APPLETON (WLUK) -- A downed power line has caused a gas leak at an Appleton business.

It happened at the corner of Wisconsin Avenue and Harriman Street, just north of downtown Appleton.

Crews on scene say a power line ripped a gas meter off Millennium Construction Inc.

Jesse Van Boxtel, owner of Millennium Construction Inc., says a late night call from the city's fire chief let him know his business was in trouble.

"I don't really answer calls from the office this late... it was the fire chief stating it was an emergency and we had to get down and open up the building because they had a tree that pulled down a wire, that pulled a pole down that ended up hitting a gas line," described Boxtel.

He says officials wanted to make sure the building was emptied as a precaution.

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