Secret elves work to combat hunger in Green Bay

Combating hunger with George's Secret Elves Saturday, December 19, 2017. (WLUK/Pafoua Yang)

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- One by one, secret elves assembled bags of food with oatmeal, mac and cheese, ravioli, speghettios and much more.

Nine-year-old Brooke Shaw was one of those helpers, and she's determined to help fill tummies.

Shaw told FOX 11, "I'm feeling really happy because I'm helping families and the families need help."

People as young as 3 and as wise as 94-years-old came to the YMCA in Downtown Green Bay Saturday to take part in 'George's Secret Elves' project.

George is the father of Kathleen Johnson. She started the program six years ago in honor of her dad, who passed away from cancer.

"It's one of those things where you reflect on and of course you wish they can be here but out of something so sad, comes something so beautiful," Johnson said.

Six-hundred bags full of food will be distributed to students in the 21C after school program; that includes seven Green Bay area schools.

"Usually children get 3 square meals at school and then sometimes snacks, but over the holiday they don't always get that," said Johnson.

Helpers were excited to see the community come together to combat the hunger issue.

Melissa Benendon of Green Bay told FOX 11, "I was honestly shocked at the number of bags and the number of people here and like all the snacks and treats that people brought to share."

Tables of food and gifts were also set aside for local vets, homeless shelters and nursing homes.

As Johnson said, it's literally "elf-tastically magical."

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