Search begins for record of human remains in Green Bay's 9/11 memorial

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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WLUK) -- The day after an original fundraiser for Green Bay’s 9/11 memorial claimed it contained human remains, city employees and FOX 11 started looking through records for any sort of verification.

The city council voted to take another look at what to do with the monument after Barb Jack spoke at the council’s meeting Tuesday night. The council had voted in August to take it down.

In 2002, FOX 11 first told you about Jack's plan to build a September 11th memorial in each of the 50 states.

“I just think it needs to be spread all over for people to share and mourn with,” Jack told FOX 11 in 2002.

A year later, in 2003, four tons of debris from the Twin Towers were shipped to Wisconsin to be part of the memorials.

In 2004, Green Bay announced it would accept the donation of the first memorial to be built on the edge of the Fox River.

Miron Construction contributed its equipment and labor to build it, and in June 2005, the memorial was dedicated.

Throughout all of FOX 11’s stories leading up to the memorial’s dedication, zero mention was made of human remains being part of the memorial.

“I mean, you guys have to realize there is a remnant of a victim in there,” Jack told the council Tuesday night.

So far, the word of Jack is the only thing the city council has to go off of that there are remains of a September 11th victim in the monument's base.

“You've got fingernails, hair, you've got blood, you've got ID kits,” said Jack. “You've got numerous teeth.”

Jack says families of victims had the opportunity to add things to the memorial when concrete was being poured for the base.

“We told families when things would be happening,” said Jack. “I'd come there and there was a little Tylenol bottle taped up to a rebar. I didn't look inside of it. It's none of my business, but I know a family member knew to put it in there or had somebody do it. It's a true memorial.”

From Legal, to Public Works, and the mayor's chief of staff, city employees spent part of Wednesday investigating whether there are any records of human remains. So far, nothing has been found.

Jack has said she does not have any documents proving her claims.

Mayor Jim Schmitt has already denied Jack's claims, including that she offered Schmitt money to fix the memorial.

“Somebody gets a burr under their saddle and now there is body parts in there and there's all this money laying around and the Pope is in the loop, that's just really interesting to me,” said Schmitt.

Until the city council decides how to proceed, the memorial will remain as it is.

FOX 11 contacted Miron Construction about the human remains. A media spokesperson did not provide any information and an email to a project manager was unreturned.

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