Schools clean up after Blizzard Evelyn

School buses in Pulaski, April 16, 2018 (WLUK/Eric Peterson)

PULASKI, Wis. (WLUK) -- Throughout Northeast Wisconsin, school district workers have been digging out from Blizzard Evelyn.

Many schools canceled class Monday, including the Pulaski Community School District, where more than 3,700 students had the day off.

About two feet of snow blanketed the school buses in Pulaski. Tractor drivers worked all weekend trying to plow it all away.

"The Pulaski Community School District is almost 180 square miles, and with that, we run a little over 2,000 miles each morning," said Bec Kurzynske, Pulaski Superintendent of Schools.

Kurzynske says Blizzard Evelyn also struck the high school. Part of the greenhouse roof collapsed Saturday night.

"Folks from our building administration and from our facilities department shut off the water and the gas that supplies the greenhouse. We filed an insurance claim. So today, we're just trying to clean up around here," said Kurzynske.

Pulaski wasn't the only school district cleaning up.

The Green Bay Area Public School District spent the day plowing parking lots at places like

Annie Jackson Elementary School on the city's west side. District officials say employees worked through the weekend to remove snow that blocked the doors, and covered the sidewalks. District leaders are already extending the length of the school day to make up for snow days taken. Officials say they hope they won't have to extend the school year until June 11. School for the district's 21,000 students is scheduled to be in session Tuesday.

Meanwhile, back in Pulaski, workers continued to chip away at the drifts piled up in front of many doorways. Heavy equipment was used to clear the parking lot as well.

"I've not seen snow like this. When we look at the records that have been broken, this isn't typical with snowfall, but we're dealing with it the best that we can," said Kurzynske.

This is only the fifth snow day for the district.

Pulaski School leaders say they will evaluate the progress of the clean-up and weigh it against the safety of the students and staff.

Did you have a snow day because of Blizzard Evelyn? Let us know how you spent it by sharing a photo or video:

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