Round two of Blizzard Evelyn in Door County

A look at Blizzard Evelyn in Door County. (WLUK image)

DOOR COUNTY (WLUK) -- Roads were universally in poor condition because of this historic blizzard, and there were drifts there because of the strong winds.

Sunday morning greeted Sturgeon Bay much the same way Saturday had left it.

Whipping winds, frozen precipitation, and the din of snowblowers.

But that wasn't stopping some from at least trying to enjoy themselves.

"I'm just walking around, playing Pokemon Go. I'd say it's snowing a lot even for this part of Wisconsin. We get a lot of snow but not this much," said Marcus.

For those still working on digging out, it was a good thing Door County Ace Hardware was open.

While Blizzard Evelyn had yet to give up, apparently some snowblowers had.

"We've been selling a lot of snow shovels and a lot of repair parts for snowblowers... It's uncanny, other than paint, I think that's about the only thing we're selling right now. And I don't know why the paint," said Patrick.

All the shovel's they're selling, by the way, not exactly in the most convenient location.

You know what they say, work smarter, not harder.

"Yesterday, I was going up and... we've got a really tall ladder there and i was just going up and down the latter all day yesterday, so I decided to pull them down today," Patrick said.

Despite Blizzard Evelyn's best efforts, the will and spirit of local residents was far from broken.

"We've shoveled since last Friday, we've been shoveling. And we love every minute of it. It's just so pretty," said one motorist.

As FOX 11 left Sturgeon Bay earlier today, it was mainly ice and snow pellets falling.

The better snowflakes were being made by the storm closer to Green Bay.

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