Resource event helps Green Bay flood victims

    Water damaged items sit along the curb in a neighborhood on Green Bay's east side Friday, Sept. 21, 2018. (WLUK/Mike Gard)

    GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- Remnants of Monday's flood still linger.

    Bags and boxes filled with water-damaged items sit along the curb in a neighborhood on the city's east side.

    "At least we didn't lose the house, you know, and we were able to stay there and it's still a lot of stress," said Sue Ferrill of Green Bay.

    Heavy rain flooded Sue Ferrill's basement. She lost furniture, clothes and some sentimental items.

    "It's a lot. Our stuff got ruined," Ferrill said.

    She, along with a number of other people, headed to the Red Cross on Friday for help. The organization held a resource event for people in need.

    "This makes me so happy because, you know, nobody understands until they go through it," she said.

    The Red Cross doesn't have a number on how many people have been displaced by the flood.

    "We knew the number of people that came to our shelter and we did have 72 people that stayed here in the shelter Monday night. So, that was kind of a gauge but there are pockets of neighborhoods that were impacted by the floods as well," said Steve Hansen, executive director of the Red Cross in Northeast Wisconsin.

    From food to temporary housing, within an hour and a half of this resource event, the Red Cross says it talked to nearly 50 families in need.

    "The American Red Cross will stay with these families for as long as we have to," Hansen.

    As for Ferrill, she still needs help removing heavy items from her basement.

    "My neighbors have their own troubles with the flood and I am not well and my daughter's got health issues and we need help. It's very hard."

    • If you're interested in helping Ferrill move items from her basement, email her at

    Through Sept. 25, the Green Bay Department of Public Works will do curbside pickups as well as accept items dropped off at its east and west side locations (1820 Mills Street and 519 S. Oneida Street), at no charge.

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