Record snowfall from Blizzard Evelyn damages buildings

This view from SkyFox shows damage caused by roof collapse at Machine Service, Inc. in Ashwaubenon (April 16, 2018)

ASHWAUBENON, Wis. (WLUK) -- The wet, heavy snow continues to cause structural issues for businesses around the area. The two feet of snow caused some roofs to buckle from the weight.

That's the case in Ashwaubenon, where several structures collapsed, including the headquarters for Machine Service on Ashwaubenon Street.

It's been 130 years since the Green Bay area has felt the impact of a snow like this Blizzard Evelyn.

The Machine Service headquarters in Ashwaubenon was built in 1994 with a sloped roof over its offices. It stood strong until this weekend.

"With this tremendous amount of snow, it’s just too much for it to handle and it caved in," said Michael Anderson from Machine Service.

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A view from SKYFOX offers a clearer picture of the damage. Inside sprinkler pipes broke flooding the facility and taking out power. Now, 150 people are out of work.

"We can't even get in there until the inspector is here and safely go in to retrieve what we need to get back to some kind of operation," Anderson said.

A similar scene at the Econo Lodge hotel in Ashwaubenon. Witnesses heard beams cracking and evacuated the pool area before the roof came crashing down. No one was hurt.

The problem with too much weight on area roofs is becoming widespread. The Green Bay Metro Transit building was evacuated mid-morning on Monday. Fire crews say the ceiling was bowing a couple feet.

A Green Bay manufacturer, Tetra Tech, had a portion of its roof collapse overnight. Jones sign discovered bowing in a portion of its massive roof, and evacuated that area.

In the Town of Lawrence, fire crews were called to a building buckling under the weight of snow. FOX 11 caught up with firefighters busy clearing snow to save the small machine shop building from collapsing.

"It's been all over the county the last few days," said Town of Lawrence Fire Chief Kurt Minten. "It's just one of those unique storms. The heavy, heavy wet snow and now it's melting and if it sits on the roof, the roof are black and the water keeps adding more sleet comes, and gets heavier and heavier."

Minten says in the coming days more buildings could be compromised if the weight of the snow is not reduced.

"This could go on for quite a while, I mean, until we get some warm weather and it starts melting and running the gutters, you could see more buildings," Minten said.

FOX 11 has had reports of several other roofs on businesses bowing.

Homeowners can also face problems. Minten recommends homeowners buy a snow rake that can reach the roof and clear snow away from the gutters. That way the melting snow can run off instead of just backing up on the roof.

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