Pulaski police introduce newest K-9 member

The Pulaski Police introduced its new K-9 officer, Justice, December 26, 2017. (WLUK)

PULASKI (WLUK) -- The Pulaski police department introduced to the public its newest K-9 officer, Justice.

The introduction of the dog follows a year-long fundraising effort to fund the dog after another K-9 recently retired from the department.

A local organization organized the fundraisers.

Officers say Justice is a great addition to the police department and will be a great help.

"With a duel purpose dog on the road, it'll be a lot more beneficial for the community because the dog will be out on patrol on a normal shift and also come out on calls," said Kyle Betzner of the Pulaski police department.

Justice and Officer Betzner have already received training for numerous tasks such as detecting illegal substances, search and rescue and more.

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