Prosecutors: Band teacher sent sexual messages to student

David Viste, former teacher for Green Bay West, is charged with child enticement and stalking. (Photo courtesy Brown County Jail)

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- A former band instructor at Green Bay West High School sent sexually charged text messages to a student, prosecutors allege.

David Viste, 37, appeared in Brown County court Thursday. Viste was charged with two counts of child enticement and one count of stalking.

All three charges are felonies.

Lt. Jeff Brester of Green Bay Police says between August of last year through April, Viste sent nearly 1,000 text messages to the student.

"Trying to have the victim come over during different events, when alcohol was being served," said Brester.

According to the criminal complaint those text messages included statements such as:

  • "You look good"
  • "I have a crush on you"
  • "I can't wait to see you next hour"

Investigators say the messages became more graphic, as the boy reached closer to the age of 18.

"Comments were sexual in nature, different sexual acts, requested different sexual acts," continued Brester.

Authorities say the teen told Viste he was not interested.

But investigators say when the boy didn't answer Viste's text messages, Viste would show up to other classes to talk to him.

"Through the interviews our victim felt that way [referring to stalking] with the teacher," said Brester. "He was coming into his classroom, and talking to him outside the classroom."

The criminal complaint says the harassment continued even after the boy dropped the band course.

That's when police say the student reported it.

"It progressed up to the point recently where the student came forward to a trusted adult in the school," said Brester.

Brester says there's still investigating the possibility, that Viste may have had inappropriate communications with other underage students.

"This one we're thankful. We stopped it before it did come into an actual sexual assault, these were text messages." he said.

Viste has already posted a $10,000 signature bond.

If convicted of all three felony charges, he could be facing 50 years in prison.

He has already posted a $10,000 signature bond.

David Viste, 37, faces two counts of child enticement and one count of stalking.

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