Police: Testing confirms dog was not a wolf hybrid

    The Green Bay Police Department seized a wolf hybrid dog after it bit a child on the city's west side, May 17, 2018. (Photo courtesy of Green Bay Police)

    GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- A dog that bit a child last month in Green Bay was determined not to be a wolf hybrid, police say.

    The dog was returned to its owner after a 10-day quarantine period.

    The animal was tested for DNA after the owner's family member told police the dog was a wolf hybrid. The owner denied that claim, but police said they tested the dog to err on the side of caution.

    Police say a citation issued to the dog's owner for keeping an exotic animal is expected to be dismissed. However, the owner was told to apply for a permit to keep more than two dogs per home, since he owns three dogs.

    Police had said earlier, if the dog turned out to be wolf hybrid, it would be turned over to a licensed caretaker.

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