Police: K9 helps bust suspected pot dealer

Pyro, a police dog, poses with marijuana and cash found at a home on Green Bay's west side May 21, 2018. (Photo courtesy Green Bay Police Dept.)

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- A police dog is credited with helping discover a backpack with cash and marijuana in a home on Green Bay's west side.

Police say they were called to a domestic dispute in the 700 block of Northern Avenue Monday morning. While inside, officers saw and smelled small amounts of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

As officers were finishing up with the couple, the woman offered up a gallon-sized plastic bag containing around 42 smaller bags of marijuana. She said the drugs belonged to the man.

As the man was getting ready to leave, officers stopped him while they searched the house. A police dog found a backpack, which contained small bags totaling a half-pound of marijuana, a digital scale and $13,000 in cash.

Police are recommending several charges against Seth VanDenHoven, 25, including possession with the intent to deliver THC (the active component of marijuana), and keeping a drug house.

No formal charges have been filed yet, although VanDenHoven is expected to appear in court Tuesday.

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