Packers work to reduce counterfeit tickets

The Green Bay Packers ticket office as seen Thursday, March 1, 2018. (WLUK/Gabrielle Mays)

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- During Packers season, the Green Bay Police Department reminds fans to watch out for counterfeit tickets. The department says it comes across fake tickets throughout the season.

"A lot of those tickets are handled by will call but when you see like a big increase and we've reported on those in the past where there will be several fraudulent tickets in one game, whether it be a night game or a very popular game, we do see those very frequently," said Capt. Kevin Warych with the Green Bay Police Department.

In an effort to reduce counterfeit tickets, the Packers are implementing change. Here's what the Packers released Thursday.

PDF or 'Print at Home' tickets will no longer be offered. With this change, tickets forwarded electronically to others or sold via Ticketmaster will now be scanned on smartphones as the only mode for stadium entry. This will help reduce counterfeit tickets. Season tickets will continue to be mailed to season ticket holders as usual each July.

The Packers did not have anyone available for an on-camera interview. The police department is on board with the idea.

"Because what we've seen in the past is, someone would print off a ticket, whether it be from a secondary market, and then they'd make multiple copies of that one ticket. So, the first person that got the ticket that was sold by person 'A,' then the subsequent copies of that ticket be fraudulent and those people would be out the money," Warych said.

At Ticket King in Ashwaubenon, the manager says an electronic ticket is safer but there could be at least one disadvantage for fans.

"If they don't have a smartphone or don't know how to use it, they're not going to be able to get in the game. But the Packers are still hard stock. Ninety percent of their tickets are all the memorabilia type of ticket," said Travis Loftus, Ticket King manager.

The Packers say more information about tickets forwarded electronically will be released later.

If you're a season ticket holder, the Packers say payment is due in the Packers’ ticket office by March 30.

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