Packers' Jones traffic citations resolved

AARON JONES VO.transfer_frame_88.jpg

GREEN BAY (WLUK) – A series of traffic citations issued to Packers running back Aaron Jones were resolved Wednesday, with two of the three tickets being dismissed.

The Wisconsin State Patrol says Jones was speeding on Hwy. 172 just outside Green Bay, Oct. 1. Dashcam video shows Jones performing three field sobriety tests. The State Patrol says Jones had been speeding and did not have a valid license – which his attorney disputed. Troopers say he also admitted to smoking marijuana earlier in the day. Jones later apologized.

The ticket for not having a license was dismissed by prosecutors. The speeding ticket was also dismissed.

Jones’ attorney entered a no contest plea to the citation for operating with a restricted controlled substance. He owes a total of $1,047, court records show.

Jones was not required to be in court for the non-criminal cases, and did not appear.

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