Packers game to be business as usual Saturday

Police respond to Lambeau Field Dec. 22, 2017. (WLUK/Robert Hornacek)

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- A dangerous incident at Lambeau field shouldn't make for any changes to Saturday's Packers game. far as we've been told there should be no change for tomorrow's game. Police and team leaders said it should be business as usual.

Green Bay Police Chief Andrew Smith said despite a hectic Friday at Lambeau Field, game day Saturday should go smoothly.

"We don't anticipate any way that it's going to affect tomorrow's game," he said during a press conference Friday.

Smith said fans, players and workers will be as safe Saturday as any other game day.

"I don't think we'll be deploying additional officers. We may change some of our security procedure, maybe move some of our officers around after we get a full analysis of everything that happened here today," Smith explained.

According to Smith police and Packers personnel are constantly reviewing safety measures.

"Whenever we have an incident like this and before every game we review all our procedures, we meet with all the involved agencies to think about anything that's changed. Obviously that's going to be a topic of discussion for us," he said.

As for other services at the stadium like food, those should be uninterrupted as well.

"In speaking with all the parties that help us operate on a game day there will be no issues there. No delays. Nothing unusual," said Aaron Popkey the Packers director of public affairs.

Popkey said the team is thankful for the police keeping order ahead of the game.

"We appreciate their great help and cooperation. We work with them year 'round, as many of you know. They do a great job on game day and every day in keeping all of us safe at Lambeau Field," he remarked on Friday.

As a reminder Saturday's game is at 7:30 on NBC.

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