Outagamie County's new government center opens

A look inside the newly renovated Outagamie County Government Center in Appleton June 12, 2018. (WLUK/Brittany Ford)

APPLETON (WLUK) -- The expansion and renovation of Outagamie County's new government center is now completed.

And with that, is what the county executive describes as improved security and accessibility.

If you're walking into the Outagamie Courthouse you will see some changes.

One of those being a single secured entry way that the public will now have to go through.

"All the citizens that are coming down for county business, will have to pass through the metal detector, and have their packages checked," explained Outagamie County Undersheriff, Michael Jobe.

The 90,000 sq. ft. addition will now combine each of the county offices.

Officials say the new facility will allow for easier access to each department.

"Now, everything makes a lot more sense. Citizens should notice, it's a lot more user friendly," said Jobe.

That includes the family court commissioner office, which is now closer to the courthouse.

Also, The Aging & Disability Resource Center, that has been moved to the first floor.

"That was one of the priorities, not just first and foremost security, but to make this easy and accessible for the public," explained Outagamie County Executive, Tom Nelson.

Nelson says $27-million project was been in the works for at least for four years.

He says several studies were conducted focusing on the needs for additional security and office space.

"Here we are in 2018. This is one of the top concerns that the public has," Nelson explained. "Trying to make open public spaces as safe as possible."

The upgrade Jobe says will sustain the building for decades to come.

"This is quite the step forward for all the county departments," he continued. "For all the employee's that work for the county here, and for all the citizens that come down here."

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