Not guilty plea entered in human trafficking case

Shawna Baxter (Outagamie Co. Jail)

APPLETON (WLUK) – A woman charged with "receiving compensation for human trafficking" pleaded not guilty Monday.

Shawna Baxter allegedly forced a “low-functioning adult” to perform sex acts, while she took the money. Also, she allegedly harbored several runaway children and provided them with meth and, at times, injected them with drugs, according to the criminal complaints.

Trial is scheduled for July 25, court records show.

According to the criminal complaints:

Baxter allegedly “would control” a 27-year-old man the complaint describes as a “low-functioning adult.” Baxter facilitated incidents where the victim would perform sex acts on other males for money, which she then took.

In the separate drug case, police interviewed three juveniles who said they would stay with Baxter, who would provide and/or inject them with methamphetamine.

“Baxter stated that the runaways snorted, smoked, and injected methamphetamine with her. Baxter admitted that the juveniles would steal phones for her so she could sell the phones to get more methamphetamine,” the complaint states.

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