Marinette Co. Sheriff: Both burglary suspects taken into custody

Chad Setunsky and Ashley Niewierowski. (Photos courtesy Marinette Co. Sheriff's Office)

MARINETTE COUNTY (WLUK) -- Deputies arrested 27-year-olds Chad Setunsky and Ashley Niewierowski Sunday after spending the entire day searching for the pair in a wooded area near Athelstane.

Officials combed the area near the intersection of Marinette County highways C and A.

Our FOX 11 cameras were there as one of the suspects in a burglary and high-speed chase that led to shots being fired, was taken into custody.

"I didn't want to do any of this," Ashley Niewierowski said as deputies arrested her.

The arrest happened around 1 p.m. Sunday, after Niewierowski had been on the run for two days.

Roads were closed as authorities swept through the area searching cabins and the woods for the two suspects. They were wanted in connection with a burglary at a convenience store, in Stephenson, early Saturday morning and a chase where officials say they were shot at.

FOX 11 was on the scene as officers ran into the woods with their weapons drawn searching for Chad Setunsky.

FOX 11 moved away from the scene as officers swarmed the area.

A few hours later, Marinette County Sheriff Jerry Sauve announced the search was over.

"Both of our suspects are now in custody," said Jerry Sauve.

He added, Setunsky was captured in the same area where FOX 11 saw the officers searching.

"We believe the public is in a much safer state at this point," Sauve said.

Police spent the day searching that same area after finding finding a stolen vehicle, a stolen ATV, and a rifle they believe were connected to the suspects.

Earlier in the day, the sheriff asked the suspects to turn themselves in peacefully.

"Do the right thing here before somebody gets hurt," Sauve said.

It was a stressful weekend for some residents.

"It's kind of frightening not knowing if they're coming this way or if you're going to be able to get back into your house today," Sheila Eagle said.

She lives in the area that was being searched by land and air.

"We heard the planes this morning going over the house quite a bit. The circled a lot. Now we see helicopters overhead," Eagle said.

A U.S. Coast Guard helicopter joined the search.

At least a dozen agencies from across the region came to aid in the search.

"They went by our house at five in the morning, the cops, they were just screaming by," said May Barnes of Athelstane.

"It's a nice little town. I'd like it to be quiet. Obviously this weekend it's not," said Layton Jendrusiak of Athelstane.

Residents familiar with the area said police faced a difficult task.

"It's going to be tough to find them but I hope they do find them," Jendrusiak said.

After a burglary, officials say there was a chase and a deputy was shot at. Law enforcement spent two days searching in the woods before Setunsky and Niewierowski were arrested. Residents were finally able to go home.

"It's a been a long few days and I'm just proud of all of our people and everyone that helped us out this weekend because this was a dangerous situation," Sauve said.

The situation could have ended much worse. The sheriff says neither the suspects nor any officers were injured during the arrests.

Both suspects are in jail. They have not been charged.

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