A Shawano boy is making a difference one meal at a time

Charles LaRock and his mother, Sadie Cornelius stand besides their food pantry. (WLUK/Pafoua Yang)

SHAWANO (WLUK) -- Charles LaRocks' big idea to start a food pantry came after he saw a hungry child on television.

"There's this one girl that came home from school, two of them. One had food and one didn't and that made me feel sad, so I wanted to do a food donation for people who didn't have food for the weekend", Charles said.

His mother, Sadie Cornelius was surprised to hear that her child wanted to do something to help the community.

She said, "he asked if there were kids from his school that needed food and I was like I don't know and from there he wanted to do a food drive here."

The family started spreading the word on social media and soon enough their Shawano home was filled with boxes of food. The pantry sits outside of the house; anyone can take a plastic bag to fill it up with items that are in the pantry. Cornelius says they have a goal to fill up another shelf for needed food and products.

The family says Charles has actually helped two families last year by doing something similar.

Charles has been using his allowance money to buy food for his pantry. They also plan on using monetary donations to buy meat for those in need.

Thirteen-year-old T.J. Gill lives across the street from Charles and says he's encouraged by Charles gesture.

"It's amazing because he's helping out his community", Gills said.

Charles plans to keep the pantry up all summer. The pantry opens until 6 p.m.

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