Menominee Indian School Dist. teacher charged for having a gun in his car at school

Jarrod Kuehn

A teacher in Menominee County is facing charges for having a gun on school grounds.

It was in his car, in the parking lot at Menominee Indian High School.

Appearing in a Shawano County courtroom by video, Jarrod Kuehn, 34, of Neenah, was charged with one count of "possess firearm on grounds of a school." According to a criminal complaint, the incident happened Monday at Menominee Indian High School.

The complaint says another teacher told the district Kuehn kept a gun in the center console of his car.

Authorities say having the gun locked in a car on school property violates what's know as the Gun Free School Zone Act. One exemption to the law allows a person to have an unloaded gun, as long as it's in a locked case, or locked firearms rack.

The district says that was not the case and called the Menominee County Sheriff's Office.

According to the complaint, Kuehn admitted that he keeps the gun in the center console of his car in a holster. He told authorities he uses the gun for target practice on Monday nights. He said knew he couldn't bring the gun into the school, but didn't realize the ban extended to the parking lot.

In Court Tuesday, Kuehn's attorney argued the charge should be dismissed, because the gun was unloaded, in a locked car and encased in the center console.

The judge denied the motion.

According to the complaint, Kuehn also told authorities he has a valid concealed carry permit. Prosecutors say they are looking into that, to see how it may play into this case.

Kuehn is scheduled to be in court on Monday.

According to Menominee Indian School District meeting minutes, this is Kuehn's first year in the district. He teaches technical education.

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