A look at a fishing spider

Fishing spider found on Chute Pond in Mountain, Wis. (Courtesy: Joel)

MOUTAIN (WLUK) -- Joel shared this picture with us of a fishing spider. He took it on Chute Pond in Mountain, Wisconsin.

We shared this picture with UWGB Professor Mike Draney, a Natural & Applied Sciences Professor. He's especially interested in spiders.

Here's what he said about the fishing spider.

That is indeed a fishing spider (Dolomedes sp.), probably the dark fishing spider, D. tenebrosus. They are in family Pisauridae, the nursery web spiders, and that is a mother with her babies in the nursery web. They will soon disperse, and they won't see the babies again. The babies can't bite people; the mother would only bite if handled with bare hands.

If you find a fishing spider -- or a different type of spider -- submit it here:

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