Northeast Wisconsin digs out from record snowfall in April

Cars got stuck in driveways with heavy snow during Blizzard Evelyn

NORTHEAST WISCONSIN (WLUK) -- Digging out of a winter storm is nothing new for residents around Northeast Wisconsin. But being mid-April, most thought the snowblowers would be put away. That wasn’t the case over the weekend.

The steady buzz of snow blowers could be heard throughout neighborhoods around Northeast Wisconsin. And with the constant flow of snow coming down the past two days, the blowing and shoveling never seemed to quit.

“This will be the third time,” said Jim Sot of Green Bay. “I'm trying to keep it down because if you get that really big snow then it's a son of a gun.”

Sot has lived through a lot of Wisconsin winters. The biggest surprise with this snowfall isn't the amount, but rather the month.

“I've been here 44 years. I've never seen an April like this. I think we're all ready for a little summer,” said Sot.

April 2018 in Green Bay did set a record high for snow fall with over 36 inches for the month so far. The old record was 15.1 inches set back in April of 1907. This single storm actually beat the record on its own.

“This is more December weather for me. I thought we were going to have a nice mild year but then this hit,” said Joe Rohr of Green Bay.

Rohr has been busy not only clearing his driveway, but the driveway of a 97-year-old neighbor. Not even that neighbor has seen such a large snow event in his lifetime. You'd have to go back 130 years to 1888 to beat out this storm.

“The snow itself isn't too bad a little wetter. But the (snow) bank sucks because it was from the snow plow and everything wet from the road pushed on it and it froze and turned to ice. It's really hard to get through,” said Rohr.

Those out clearing the snow, over and over again are beginning to feel the winter weather this spring will never end.

“I kept kidding my wife we're not going to make it to the cabin until June. We'll guess what? I think that might be true,” said Sot.

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