Man charged in child porn investigation; more victims possible

Jason Alan Pristelski (Photo source: Brown Co. Jail)

BROWN COUNTY (WLUK) -- Sheriff's deputies say they're looking for more victims after finding child porn and naked pictures of area women on Jason Pristelski's cellphone.

Pristelski, 41, was charged Thursday with 10 counts of possessing child porn and one count of child enticement.

Prosecutors say more charges are likely coming for distributing naked pictures on the internet without consent.

Investigators say six adult women from throughout Northeast Wisconsin have already been identified for having their pictures shared on the internet without their consent.

Investigators say they have reason to believe there may be two or more child victims in the area that had contact with Pristelski.

Pristelski was arrested on Tuesday after authorities say he tried to meet up with a 15-year-old girl for sex. The 15-year-old girl was actually an undercover officer.

“The conversations went back and forth,” said Mary Kerrigan-Mares, an assistant district attorney for Brown County. “The texting continued, became very explicit as the court can see from the complaint.”

A criminal complaint shows Pristelski admitted to posting a Craiglist ad 'looking to impregnate a female.'

"I did this as a fantasy only and was not planning on meeting with anyone," Pristelski wrote in a statement to sheriff's officials, according to the criminal complaint.

Prosecutors say Pristelski provided consent to search his cellphone, a laptop, and an IPad.

The complaint states within one minute of looking at Pristelski's cellphone, analysts discovered possible child pornography.

“I can tell you there was well over 70,000 images on one device alone, which will take some time to go through and we have multiple devices to go through,” said Lt. Jim Valley with the Brown County Sheriff’s Department.

When confronted, Pristelski admitted to having a dozen pictures of children under the age of 10 and a dozen more of girls between the ages of 10 and 16.

“These images were all sent to me through the Kik app,” Pristelski wrote in his statement to sheriff’s officials. “I am a member in multiple chat rooms/groups on Kik…In order to get into these groups, I had to send photographs to other members.”

Investigators say Pristelski also admitted to having the nude pictures of adult women. They believe the pictures could have been willingly given to Pristelski. However, they say he shared them on the internet, likely without the women's permission.

“So far we have approximately six victims,” said Valley. “We could go plus quite a bit after that. We don't know. We're still going through the forensic exam right now.”

A cash bond of $75,000 was issued in Brown County Court on Thursday.

As a part of his bond, Pristelski was also ordered not to have any contact with minors and issued heavy restrictions on use of internet, including no Craigslist, Kik, chat rooms, peer-to-peer sites and dating sites.

He is due back in court April 19.

If you or anyone you know may have sent personal information to Pristelski, please contact Brown County Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant Jim Valley at (920) 448-6216.

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