Mother of Packers player shares story of becoming a foster parent

    (WLUK) -- The mother of a Packers player is making a difference.

    Lisa Montgomery, the mother of running back, Ty Montgomery, is in town as part of Foster Care Awareness Month.

    Over the course of her life, Lisa has been a foster parent to 17 kids.

    She said she initially became a foster parent in the year 2000 so her only biological son, Ty, would have siblings to grow up with in the Dallas area.

    They both say, the group quickly blended into a family, as Lisa welcomed more kids into her home.

    At one point, Lisa had 8 foster kids living in her home, many of whom had bounced around with other parents before finding stability.

    But the Montgomery's dropped the "foster" label a long time ago.

    They say a family is a family, regardless of how you define it.

    "And that's the difference between being a parent and that word fostering that I like to drop because when they're with you, they're your kids," Lisa said.

    "They're living in our house. That's my brothers. That's my mamma's other son. So for me, it didn't take long but I did notice sometimes with them it took a little bit longer because they were in the system," Ty Montgomery said.

    Lisa and some of her sons will be joining her in Madison Tuesday afternoon to bring awareness to foster families and the resources available here in Wisconsin.

    For more details on being a foster parent, click here.

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