Missing ramps at 41/10/441 interchange to finally open on Saturday

The ramp from eastbound Hwy. 10 to northbound I-41 in Fox Crossing is nearly ready to open, July 6, 2018. (WLUK/Pafoua Yang)

FOX CROSSING (WLUK) -- After four decades, a major highway interchange in the Fox Valley is closer to being finished.

The state Department of Transportation says the ramps from northbound Interstate 41 to westbound Hwy. 10 and eastbound Hwy. 10 to northbound I-41 are set to open mid-morning on Saturday.

The interchange connecting 41 with the Roland Kampo Memorial Bridge to Menasha opened in the 1970s without the two ramps. It's been a longtime inconvenience for drivers; for example, people going to the Fox River Mall from the Waupaca area have had to exit Hwy. 10 and go through city streets to reach their final destination.

The new construction is part of a larger project to expand Hwy. 10/441, straighten out some curves and rebuild several interchanges.

Drivers like Derrick Huss says it's about time the orange barrels go away.

"Pretty cool its opening back up, it'll save me a little time in the morning for sure," said Huss.

"It's a huge milestone," said Mark Roesler with the Wisconsin DOT. "It's kind of exciting to be a part of, it's kind of the big opening."

Roesler said his department didn't believe there was a need for the ramps, until westbound 10 expanded about 20 years ago.

"We're hoping it helps the traffic flow a lot better, it gives drivers more options now to go west or come from the west and go north, help alleviate some traffic on local streets by getting them up on the highways," explained Roesler.

Not only did Roesler say the new ramps benefit drivers, it could also bring growth to the area.

"These 2 missing movements, it really allows traffic to get west on 10 and come from westbound 10 and have the option to go anywhere in the valley, in my opinion, it allows expansion to the west and it should help the communities, that way help allow businesses to kind of grow."

Although there's still work left to do, Roesler said its worth celebrating.

"Its progress and people have been waiting for the progress for a while and it's good to be a part of," said Roesler.

The rest of the interchange will open on the 16th.

The entire project is not expected to be complete until next year.

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