Matthews penalty a topic of debate Monday following Packers' first loss

    Mathews penalty a topic of debate Monday following Packer's first loss. (WLUK/Mike Moon) <p>{/p}

    ASHWAUBENON, Wis. (WLUK) -- It was the tackle seen around the country, and it was the talk of Titletown Monday. Three roughing the passer penalties for Clay Matthews in three games.

    “I was even afraid to wear this tonight. I thought someone would throw a flag at me,” said Kay Kohlman.

    Packers fans are starting to take it personally.

    “Week one when he got the flag wasn’t right,” said Kay.

    But not all Packers fans can agree on that penalty.

    “The first one in the Bears game he knew, he knew he did that wrong. But in yesterday’s game it was a clean hit,” said Todd Vanderbelden.

    “I think it’s a bad rule. It’s too hard to enforce that consistently,” said Brian Cassidy.

    The NFL is standing behind its ruling of Sunday’s game. The league's Football Operations Twitter page tweeted out a video of the tackle, reciting the rule: The defender lands with all or most of the defender’s weight on the passer.

    “This is a contact sport. When did football not become a contact sport?” asked Vanderbelden.

    After the game Matthews said the NFL is becoming too soft, and many agree.

    “The tackle was very disappointing,” said Cassidy. “I don’t know what else Clay can do. He did all the right steps. Unless he just ignores the quarterback and lets him go.”

    “His tackles were pretty clean and I think that was the general consensus except for the referees,” said Kristin Anderson.

    Anderson, like many others believes the rule needs to be reviewed.

    Comments on the video posted by the NFL Operations page brought many fans of other teams to Matthews' defense. With the hashtag #FreeClayMatthews trending, one person wrote:

    Many fans still feel there was more to this week’s loss than a poor call.

    “Our offense needs to step up a little more,” said Vanderbelden.

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