Man pleads not guilty to making threats against Seymour High School

    River Erdmann (Outagamie Co. Jail)

    APPLETON (WLUK) – A teen charged with making threats against Seymour High School – who later said he was just joking – pleaded not guilty Thursday.

    River Erdmann, 18, is charged with one count of making a terrorist threat. Trial is scheduled for May 23, court records show.

    According to the criminal complaint, Erdmann sent a photo of what looked like an assault-style rifle to his Snapchat group with a caption that said "Damon 2.0.” Seymour police say "Damon 2.0" refers to another student who brought a weapon to school, causing a lockdown. Some students reported the conversation to police.

    Officers later determined the weapon in the image was actually an airsoft gun. The orange tip wasn't visible due to the quality of the photo.

    The criminal complaint said Outagamie County sheriff's deputies searched Erdmann's home but only found airsoft pellets and the magazine.

    According to the document, Erdmann stated that everyone in the group chat was joking about a school shooting. Erdmann said he was being sarcastic when he texted "Shoots these totally deadly rounds bro. They're like 50bmg bullets but in a ball. Definitely a threat everyone." The conversation showed another person responding "100%.”

    According to the document, Erdmann stated that "in the moment he thought it was funny but knows it is now a lot more serious than he intended it to be."

    Erdman’s mother told FOX 11 her son would not shoot up school, and doesn’t deserve to spend time in jail for it, and called it a teachable moment for social media users.

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