Man charged in connection with fire at apartment building

Dmitry Morozov (Photo source: Brown Co. Jail)

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- Ten charges have been filed against a man allegedly responsible for a fire at his Ashwaubenon apartment complex.

Dmitry Morozov is charged with negligent handling of burning material, interfering with fire alarms, seven counts of endangering safety, and criminal damage to property for the April 9 fire at 1680 Carole Lane.

According to the complaint, officers had contact with Morozov because the downstairs neighbor complained about water coming through the ceiling. Morozov was ordered to clean up the water.

Later in the day, officers again responded to his apartment for a fire, where a naked Morozov tried to escape out a window. Officers grabbed him and arrested him. They noticed something smoking on the stove, and a disabled fire alarm outside the apartment, the complaint states.

Morozov denied doing anything wrong.

Seven other people living the apartment building were at home at the time.

A $2,500 cash bond was set at a court appearance last month. He returns to court Tuesday for a balance of initial appearance.

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