Luxemburg-Casco school district upgrades buildings for better security

Luxemburg- Casco school district upgrades buildings for better security.(WLUK image)

LUXEMBURG (WLUK) -- Luxemburg-Casco primary school broke ground on a new entrance Friday.

It’s part of a district-wide effort to enhance safety for students.

The school currently has what district leaders call a partially secure building. Visitors must be buzzed in to gain access, but once inside there are no constraints on where that person can or cannot go.

“A visitor comes in, they walk past several classrooms including a cafeteria that’s occupied by students all hours of the day so,” said Nia Dubois, a Kewaunee County sheriff's deputy who is the high school’s liaison officer.

Both the primary school and high school will see upgrades to the entrances. They will also add a shatter-resistant film to the glass and the camera systems will be upgraded.

“The high school office right now is located in the middle of the building because when the building was built that’s where you put the main offices, and now the world has changed with regard to school security and so that whole main office complex will be put on the exterior of the building,” said school superintendent Glenn Schlender.

Referendum funding in combinations with a state safety grant will pay for the upgrades.

Tracy Bahn is a mother and PTA president.

“This means so much to us," she said. "With everything you hear on the news and things like that, having the comfort of knowing that you’re sending your child here, and these precautions they’re doing. Not only the things they’ve always been doing but taking this big step to have a secure building.”

“Safety and security is our top priority," Schlender said. "There are things that we do that are bricks and mortar which is what this project is but there are things in terms of drills that we’re always focused on."

Funding for the project will come from a nearly $14,000 safety grant and an almost $16 million referendum. The $16 million referendum also includes upgrades to the schools technical learning spaces and weight room.

The district also provides Active Shooter Civilian Response Training (ALICE) to all students and staff.

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