Local retailers prepare for Wisconsin's first sales tax holiday

Retailers prepare for Wisconsin's first sales tax holiday. (WLUK/Amber Luckett)

ASHWAUBENON (WLUK) -- Wisconsin's first sales tax holiday kicks off on August 1 and goes through August 5.

During that time items like computers, clothes and school supplies can be purchased free of the 5 percent state sales tax.

According to the National Retail Federation, families spent $83. 6 billion on school supplies in 2017, but with the five day holiday local retailers are hoping the tax break will help make this year's shopping a little more affordable.

"It's really nice that we get this opportunity that we don't have to tax on all the little things that people need to go back to school. It's already so much money,"said Brett Baierl from Camera Corner Connecting Point.

There are some rules that apply during the five day holiday, for example clothing and school supplies priced at $75 or less can be purchased state tax free as well as computers and laptops valued at $750 or less and accessories no more than $250.

"It is a new thing in Wisconsin so it remains to be seen how many people shop during this time period," said Patty Mayers from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. "Essentially it's a lot of basics that people would consider for going back to school, although it is not limited to back to school anyone can take advantage of the holiday," she said.

For other items that do not qualify for a tax exemption, bigger retailers like Shopko plan to offer additional promotions during the week.

"We are proud to call Green Bay and the Fox Valley home for 56 years so we've been advocating for this holiday since it was proposed, said Ron Ota the Executive Vice President of Merchandising and Marketing at Shopko. "We just think this is such a great opportunity to offer Wisconsin families savings at a time when expenses are so high," he said.

The tax exemption does apply to qualifying items purchased online. Click here for a list of items exempt during the week.

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