Law enforcement remind retailers and shoppers of key safety tips for holiday shopping

Image courtesy MGN Online.

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- As the holiday shopping season approaches, the Green Bay Police Department is reminding retailers and consumers of some important theft prevention tips.

Although officers plan to be out patrolling parking lots and working closely with retailers, Captain Kevin Wayrch said shoppers should also stay vigilant while shopping.

"Sadly we see a lot of reports of things being stolen out of cars and retail thefts. We really want to put a message out to the community that we are doing all we can to stop these thefts," said Warych.

Last year the Green Bay Police Department responded to 499 retail thefts around the city, with more than half being repeat offenders.

"We have had shoplifters in the past but luckily we have a good staff and they have a good eye so we're normally able to catch them as they leave the store, or with our camera footage," said Megan Tremel.

Tremel is a manager at Besselli Clothing Boutique on Broadway and said while they haven't had any issues with theft recently, they'll be taking extra precaution during the holiday season.

"We like to have more people on staff because its good to have extra eyes in the store," said Tremel.

While retailers plan to be on the look out shoppers are encouraged to do the same and report anyone acting or looking suspicious to police or a store manager.

"People just need to be aware of their surrounding. Make sure you're walking in groups, you're in a lighted area, that you have a plan, and if you do have valuables or a purse you lock it and hide it in your car," explained Warych.

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