Lambeau Field activities and shopping unaffected by disturbance

The Packers Pro Shop, December 22, 2017. (WLUK)

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- On the eve of a home game against the Minnesota Vikings, and in the midst of holiday shopping rush, Friday was a busy day at Lambeau Field.

Fans like John Schuster descended on the stadium but when he and his family arrived, they found themselves in the middle of dangerous situation.

"Just as we got here, I mean, it was just like a turmoil. And the first thing we could see was this car backed up on top of another one. So we were like, something was going on," Schuster said.

Before he knew it, police were swarming the scene.

"It was so active that all of the sudden we had to watch out for police cars," Schuster said.

As the situation continued, Schuster says he walked around the to atrium on the opposite side of the stadium, "Everything looked normal. Absolutely."

The Packers Pro Shop, which is on the opposite side of the loading dock area, remained open throughout the afternoon as fans were picking up last-minute holiday gifts.

Fans outside the stadium were taking pictures with some of the statutes, tours kept going and the atrium remained open.

"It was isolated to that area. We were able to keep open our public areas, atrium, Pro Shop, restaurants, those types of things. So everything was isolated," said the Packers Director of Public Affairs, Aaron Popkey.

Fred Daniels from Green Bay came down to pick up a few items from the Pro Shop.

"I actually called down here to see if they were still open because I had some Christmas shopping I had to get done today," Daniels said. "It was just busy and people were everywhere shopping and if you didn't ask somebody, you wouldn't have known anything was going on outside."

With the incident all wrapped up, fans can now turn their attention back to football.

"We're here to enjoy a great Packer game tomorrow night. Even though we're from Minnesota we're still Packer fans," Schuster said.

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