Several boats damaged in Algoma Marina fire

Damage is visible to a boat in the Algoma Marina June 23, 2016, following an overnight fire. (WLUK image)

ALGOMA (WLUK) -- A fire that raged overnight at the Algoma Marina sank three boats and damaged at least two others.

Firefighters say a caller reported a boat on fire just before midnight Wednesday.

While the fire is gone, the damage it left behind is very clear.

"Flames were shooting up like crazy," said Troy Mattson, Kinn's Sport Fishing co-owner.

Kinn's Sport Fishing lost four boats. Mattson says his phone started ringing right after the fire started.

"We had our whole crew down here last night and everybody pitched in and we were moving boats around, trying to get them out of the harbor," Mattson said.

Someone managed to save another man's boat.

"He called me up and said the marina was on fire and I needed to get down here because he moved my boat. He saved my boat from the dock," said one boater.

Mattson wasn't as lucky and says 11 of his boats are docked at the marina. Losing four boats is already putting a strain on his charter fishing business.

"My phone's been ringing non-stop all morning trying to rescheduled and set up for this week because we're entering one of our busiest time periods of the season and there's a lot of people coming and going here," Mattson said.

Mattson says even though some of his boats have been destroyed, people within the community have already shown their support.

"Next to not having anybody injured or killed last night which could've easily happened. We had mates actually staying on the boats, that's been the most comforting part about this," he said.

Firefighters say a bystander's video helped them with their investigation.

"We are able to determine which boat it started on and as it spread to the other boats, obviously, the fire load got much much heavier," said Algoma Fire Chief Tom Ackerman.

The fire chief says no one was hurt and he's hopeful the marina will reopen this weekend.

The U.S. Coast Guard and state Department of Natural Resources have been called in to help with cleanup. Firefighters say the oil and gasoline spill is pretty well contained.

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