Manitowoc police release dash cam video of naked man arrest

Still image from dash camera video of a naked suspect resisting arrest, July 14, 2017. (Courtesy Manitowoc Police Dept.)

MANITOWOC, Wis. (WLUK) -- Dash cam video released by the Manitowoc Police Department shows officers as they struggle to arrest 33-year-old Travis Tingler.

At this time, Tingler has not been formally charged, but police do believe drugs or alcohol played a role.

"Officers approached the subject and at that time, they believed him to be under the influence of something,"said Detective Andrew Trilling.

Trilling says it happened Friday night near the intersection of 25th and Hamilton -- a neighborhood that residents like Adam Klingholz say is typically quiet,

"That never happens around here."

Trilling says officers were called for a man who was walking around, naked, and threatening people.

"Officers were told that there was a male subject who was walking around the street, making threats towards people and that he may have a knife," he said.

When officers responded, Tingler was handcuffed. Eventually officers were able get pants on him. But authorities say Tingler remained combative, forcing officers to use a stun gun.

"They told him that he could be 'tased' so there was a first attempt and deployment which was unsuccessful," explained Trilling.

And another attempt, where the stun gun hit a lighter Tingler was holding causing a small burst.

"The second Taser hit him in the hand that was holding the lighter," said Manitowoc assistant police chief Scott Luchterhand.

Police say Tingler cooperated after he was shot a third time with a stun gun. Authorities say officers eventually found the knife nearby on the ground.

Police continued to explain that Tingler also had a warrant out for his arrest, connected to an OWI case in Two Rivers.

Police are recommending several charges, including resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. He is expected to be in court this week.

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