Fans try to stay cool at PGA Championship

Golf fans stand in front of fans to keep cool at the PGA Championship.

HAVEN - At this year's PGA Championship you'll find plenty of people wearing shorts, hats, and t-shirts.

"It's very hot, very hilly," said John Van Dyck.

For people out on the course, shade was hard to come by. But water misting fans were popular for visitors.

"There's really no place to stay cool... running in front of these fans a little bit, that's about it. Otherwise, you just burn up," said Josh Sylla.

Dozens of people walked inside the store to get a break from the hot sun.

"It's pretty packed in here but they got the AC pumped up so it's not bad," said Adam Widder.

"I think I've got a little over heated here," said Joy Sornberger.

Sornberger decided to buy an umbrella to block the sunshine.

"We've been frying," Sornberger said.

No matter what the weather was like outside, some golf fans were ready to buy brand name merchandise.

"It's been a great week of sale across the board. All the people that are here to day are here to watch golf so we want to make this experience for them as easy as possible. The faster they come in, find their brand, the faster they can get back out and watch some golf," Michael Quirk, senior director of merchandising and licensing, PGA of America.

An occasional breeze from the lake helped ease Saturday's heat and humidity.

"I'm from Illinois so I know what humidity is in the Midwest. I hear your mosquitoes are bigger than ours but I can take the heat," said Kim Puzey.

Despite the long lines for water and creative ways to stay cool, the golf fans say the heat is par for the course.

"It's a major, of course it's worth it," said Christopher Selner.

"This is something that only comes around so often to Wisconsin so it's something really cool to do," Sylla said.

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