DOJ further comments on Kewaunee deputy involved shooting

The Department of Justice comments on their investigation stemming from Monday's deputy involved shooting in Franklin, August 24, 2017. (WLUK) 

FRANKLIN (WLUK) -- Along County Highway AB in Franklin, is where Kewaunee County deputies responded to a call Monday night.

"When deputies arrived, they encountered a male suspect who had a knife," said Johnny Koremenos, Communications Director with the Department of Justice.

A call, resulting in a deputy shooting and killing 22-year-old Tyler Whitmire.

Koremenos says Whitmire was threatening neighbors, "...was threatening a woman, and some of the folks who lived nearby."

Koremenos says as deputies approached Whitmire along County Highway AB, is when the situation escalated, "Despite deputies demanding him to drop his weapon, the deputies were put in danger by this individual, and were forced to use deadly force."

Because a deputy used deadly force, the sheriff's role in the investigation is limited, as state investigators take the lead.

On Wednesday, the sheriff's department posted this to its Facebook page saying, "Any information released is going to be at their discretion. I hope that more details are made public soon too as it can help stop some of the rumors that are already flying around."

Once the investigation is done, the case will be forward Kewaunee County District Attorney, "The D.A. will review that information within the report to determine whether the shooting officer was justified."

The DOJ says it doesn't anticipate releasing much more information until the investigation is complete.

The deputy involved remains on paid administrative leave.

State investigators, say the name of that deputy will be released in the coming days.

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