Chambers Island Nature Preserve expands

North Bay by Dan Eggert (Photo courtesy Door County Land Trust)

CHAMBERS ISLAND (WLUK) -- The Chambers Island Nature Preserve is now 106 acres larger.

The Door County Land Trust says the preserve now covers 593 acres. Overall, the trust is protecting 8,000 acres in the county from development.

According to the trust, Chambers Island provides key habitat for migratory birds.

“The Land Trust is poised to protect the most vulnerable places on the peninsula, like the interior of Chambers Island which is so important to the birds migrating over the bay each year—over 169 species identified so far,” Door County Land Trust director of land program Terrie Cooper said in a news release.

The expansion comes on the heels of 113 acres being added to the preserve last month.

The Door County Land Trust says it gets 40 percent of its funding from private individuals and foundations. Funds are matched through the State of Wisconsin DNR Knowles-

Nelson Stewardship Fund Grant Program, the Fox River Natural Resource Damage Assessment funds and North American Wetland Conservation Act Grant Funds.

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