Avery's attorneys praise Dassey decision on social media

Steven Avery (WLUK file image)

(WLUK) -- Attorneys for Steven Avery are reacting to a federal judge's decision to overturn the murder conviction of Avery's nephew Brendan Dassey.

Dassey and Avery were convicted in separate trials for the 2005 murder of Teresa Halbach. Halbach, 25, was working as a freelance photographer for Auto Trader magazine and had gone to Avery's family's salvage yard in Manitowoc County to take pictures of a minivan for sale. Her remains were found days later in a burn barrel outside the building where Avery lived.

Dassey and Avery were convicted of the murder in separate trials a year and a half later.

Jerry Buting, who co-defended Avery along with Dean Strang during Avery's 2007 trial for the murder of Teresa Halbach, posted this on Twitter:

Buting told our sister station, FOX 17 Nashville, he was "not at all surprised" about the decision and was "expecting it, frankly." Buting says he expects the state of Wisconsin to appeal the decision but "it's clear the interrogation of Dassey was unlawful."

And Kathleen Zellner, who is currently handling Avery's appeal, also posted her thoughts on Twitter:

The case was thrust into the national spotlight late last year with the release of the documentary "Making A Murderer" on Netflix, which cast doubt on the process used to convict Avery and Dassey.

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