2 men searching for sunken wrecks in Door County say undiscovered ship may have been found

Robinson says this is the undiscovered ship he and Cormican found near Sister Bay. (Photo courtesy Bruce's Legacy)

A possible undiscovered ship found near Sister Bay, that's what two men in Door County think they found.

Keith Cormican and Jim Robinson say they've found seven shipwrecks in five days. Some ships have been re-discovered while others remain a mystery.

"At first, it can be rather boring going back and forth but then all of the sudden it comes into view and everybody gets all excited," said Jim Robinson.

Robinson's no stranger to the water around Door County, he's been scuba diving for around 50 years. But this time around, he decided to team up with friend for a different underwater look.

"This right here, this is a large rock," said Keith Cormican.

Cormican mainly uses his equipment to find drowning victims.

"We're a non-profit organization that goes around the country and offering our services," he said.

But on this trip, he's using his high tech equipment to scan the bottom of the lake and bay.

Cormican uses what's called a tow fish and it uses side scan sonar imaging. It allows you to see the bottom of the lake. He says it can scan down to 600 feet.

The scanned images are then sent to the computer.

As for the shipwrecks, "Two of the wrecks we re-found were over here near middle area. Another one of was on the southwest side of Pilot Island," Robinson said.

As the two continued their search, they found even more.

"Farther down in the coast of the bay, we found a wreck that nobody knows," Robinson said.

Cormican shared the image he saw in about 50 feet of water near Sister Bay.

The Wisconsin Historical Society says it's too early to tell if Robinson and Cormican found any shipwrecks that have yet to be documented.

"We'll be up in the area a little bit later in the summer and hopefully they'll be able to share the information and location of the shipwreck,'' said Tamara Thomsen with Wisconsin Historical Society.

Robinson and Cormican's next stop is to search Lake Michigan for a large wreck.

"It's called the King, a schooner called the King and we estimate it's in right around 200 feet of water."

Wisconsin Historical Society says within the bay of Green Bay and the water surrounding Door County, there are 275 lost ships on record.

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