Lake effect brings a foot of snow to parts of Manitowoc County

    Two Rivers gets a foot of snow on January 19, 2019. (WLUK/Chris Schattl)

    TWO RIVERS, Wis. (WLUK) -- It was a scene right out of a snow globe as snow fell most of the day in Two Rivers.

    "A good foot or so," said Kelsey Gulseth. "Playing out in the snow with the kids."

    Surrounding towns got barely a dusting that was soon gone, but other parts of Manitowoc County saw more than 12 inches.

    "I prayed for it because this coming Saturday is my grandson's birthday and it's at the sledding hill in Manitowoc, so we needed snow," said Bob Gottinger.

    While it was nearly a wish come true for Gottinger, it was a little too much.

    "I wanted a couple inches, I didn’t pray for a foot," he said.

    When it comes to why this area gets more snow than others, it was because of Lake Michigan that Two Rivers was the only area that saw any accumulation.

    "Along the Lakeshore we always get a dumping," said Gottinger. "Because our little point out into the lake, so we always get hit here pretty hard."

    "Its very light and fluffy," said Gulseth.

    Those who live in the area spent the morning clearing their sidewalks and driveways.

    "First one," Gottinger of the snowfall. "We were lucky the whole month of January so far. But not I think we’re going to get her February, and some cold weather is going to come too I think."

    One could say this is a friendly reminder that winter has arrived.

    "It was a Christmas with no snow and it’s just starting to hit now," said Raymond Wynne.

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