Kaukauna is home to "Perfect Cow"

Martha the Cow on February 23, 2018 (Mike Moon/WLUK)

KAUKAUNA - The saying goes 'nobody is perfect,' but a young lady from Kaukauna has been judged to be close.

Her name is Martha and she's, well, a cow and she's considered the most perfect cow on Earth.

Her name is Musqie Iatola Martha...but you can just call her Martha.

"She's considered the best in the world," said Jim Ostrom, a partner at MilkSource Genetics in Kaukauna, where Martha resides.

They say in showbiz you should never work with kids or animals...especially animals as perfect as Martha.

But we had to learn more about this small town cow from Canada who's gone on to big things.

"About four years ago, somebody called me and said, 'you should really look at this cow,' and we bought her," Ostrom told FOX 11 News.

Ostrom helped bring Martha to MilkSource...and at first, he didn't see what the fuss was about.

"She looked like, just a nice, good cow, but really, quite frankly, nothing extreme," he told us.

Since then Martha has won competition, after competition, after competition, after competition, after...you get the idea...

"It's unbelievable, unprecedented, really," said Ostrom.

The seven-year-old Jersey cow is only the seventh of her breed and the youngest cow ever to be given the elite EX-97 score, the highest a cow can receive. She is the only Jersey currently living with the score, and is considered practically perfect.

"It is how she looks! It's a beauty contest for cows," explained Ostrom.

Judges say Martha has a perfect udder system, legs and, like any good model, bone structure.

And she has that star power, that je ne sais quoi, that it factor, to back up her looks.

"She almost screams, 'look at me!' And so the judges always remark how she's so powerful in the ring," Ostrom described.

Ostrom told FOX 11 besides being the best of the best, Martha is a pleasure to have around.

"It's pretty exciting to have her here in this barn and here in Northeast Wisconsin," he said.

Ostrom told us us he's honored to have her here.

"Honestly, this might sound strange to so many people, but 30 or 40 years from now we'll still be talking about her," he said.

In 2014 MilkSource had another cow achieve the EX-97 score. That cow is still living the good life at the barn.

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