Japanese Packers fan group make trip to Lambeau Field

    The "Japanese Packers Cheering team," a group of 14 Packers fans from Tokyo Japan make the trip to Lambeau Field, September 24, 2017. (WLUK) 

    GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- It's a 10-hour flight from Tokyo, Japan to Green Bay.

    One group of International die-hard Packers fans, say Titletown is one of their favorite places in the world.

    "This town, it's amazing," said Tom Ikezawa.

    Ikezawa, along with 13 others, is a part of a group called the "Japanese Packers Cheering Team."

    While most of its members made the trip from Japan, some experiencing Lambeau Field for the first time, Ikezawa moved to the states three years ago.

    He currently lives in San Francisco, "Trip number six," explained Ikezawa.

    But says his loyalty lies with the Green and Gold, "One day Brett Favre hit a long pass, since then I love Packers."

    The group arrived in Green Bay Thursday, touring the area.

    Members like "Chippo", who has been a Packers fan more than two decades, says he can't get enough of Wisconsin's hospitality, "Party, party, Friday to Saturday, much drunken. very very fun."

    From the beer to the cheese, "Delicious, very good," continued Chippo.

    As they made their way to Lambeau Field, to make the trip complete, they group says all they need is a Packers win over Cincinnati.

    "Go Pack Go," the group cheered.

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