It's leaf-peeping season in Door County

    A view of Sawyer Harbor and Sturgeon Bay Oct. 18, 2017, from the observation tower at Potawatomi State Park in the Town of Nasewaupee. (WLUK/Eric Peterson)

    TOWN OF NASEWAUPEE (WLUK) -- The fall colors may not be as vibrant this year as in other years, but that doesn't mean Mother Nature isn't offering up stunning views.

    At Potawatomi State Park in Door County, fall scenes abound along the shorelines of Green Bay and Sturgeon Bay.

    It's 100 wooden steps to the top of the tower at Potawatomi State Park. When Gail Rygiewicz reached the summit Wednesday morning, she documented the moment with a selfie.

    "Water, trees, they're probably not in full color yet, but it's gorgeous. And actually, I'm not as seasick as I thought," said Gail Rygiewicz, Racine.

    The 75-foot tower is a popular spot at the park.

    "When you climb the tower, you kind of have this progression up through the tree canopy. So you got some nice views at different levels of the tower," said Erin Brown Stender, Potawatomi State Park Superintendent.

    But once climbers get to the top, the panoramic picture of Sawyer Harbor and Sturgeon Bay awaits.

    "There's not many locations where you can get a view like that," said Brown Stender.

    For those who may not be so fond of the heights, Potawatomi Park offers options so people can experience the colors from the ground.

    "The Tower Trail is definitely our most popular trail year round. We also have hemlock trail that's in the south end of the park," said Brown Stender.

    About 17 miles of hiking and biking trails in all. Chuck and Jan Stone walk their dogs in the park almost every day. They say colors have been better.

    "They seem a little muted yet. I'm waiting for the real brightness to come and then we'll be really happy about it," said Chuck Stone, Sturgeon Bay.

    "As far as this time of year, the air just seems crisp and clean, and the humidity is gone. It just feels good to be outside," said Jan Stone, Sturgeon Bay.

    Back up the tower, Rygiewicz says the climb was worth the effort.

    "Oh absolutely. I highly recommend it. Yes, definitely," she said.

    Potawatomi officials say this weekend may be the last time to check out the colors at the park.

    They say by the end of the month, the most of the leaves in the park will typically be on the ground.

    To see where the fall colors are at their peak, visit Travel Wisconsin's Fall Color Report.

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