Hundreds of people walked across Lake Winnebago in Neenah

Walk Across Lake Winnebago event Saturday, February 3, 2018. (Courtesy: Jordan Vanderloop)

OSHKOSH, Wis. (WLUK) -- Just days after a truck fell through the ice on Lake Winnebago near Oshkosh, over 700 people laced up their boots for a walk across the lake starting in Neenah.

"No. I never got nervous about the cracks or ice or anything like that," said Sue Barber of Appleton.

Barber participated in the Walk Across Lake Winnebago event, which is a nearly nine-mile walk that helped fund the Neenah Animal Shelter and the city police department's K9 unit.

For Barber, falling through the ice was the least of her concerns. Many others agreed.

"There was one crack and I texted my daughter 'hey I hit my first crack with Judy Manks today and she said be safe', and we made it through the rest of the day and that was the only one we hit. Otherwise the ice was thick." Jane Kiesow of Neenah said.

Although people weren't too worried about falling through the ice, they were worried about slipping.

"We all brought spikes on our boots to get across, slipped a couple times but we made it," said Tierney Wittmann of Menasha.

"So we walked like penguins," Barber explained. "So you never took a full stride, it was very different, different muscles you're working."

Event coordinator Jordan Vanderloop said the Paynes Point Hook and Spear Fishing Club monitored the ice conditions throughout the day.

"Clubs like this make everything possible and make sure that everything's safe for us, make sure all the cracks are covered with the bridges for the vehicles to get across. It's pretty safe out there," Vanderloop said.

Organizers said not only is the event safe and fun but now its raised thousands of dollars for a good cause.

Over the past eight years, organizers raised nearly $50,000 for the Neenah Animal Shelter.

This year was the first year fundraising for the Neenah Police Department's K9 unit.

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