Hudson continues to appeal 2001 murder conviction

Kenneth Hudson was convicted of killing Shanna Van Dyn Hoven in 2000. (WLUK file image)

APPLETON, Wis. (WLUK) -- Nearly two decades ago, in an Outagamie County courtroom, Kenneth Hudson was sentenced to life in prison.

Hudson was convicted of stabbing 19-year-old Shanna Van Dyn Hoven to death, while she was jogging in Kaukauna.

"It's been a long 18 years, even though it seems just like yesterday Shanna took off jogging," said her father, Steve Van Dyn Hoven.

The incident happened during the summer of 2000. And her father says he's ready for closure/

"We're hoping that we're getting to the end," he said. "It's been a long time, I hope we're getting close."

He sat in a courtroom Thursday as Hudson appeared by phone, for a status hearing.

Hudson, who at one point confessed to the murder, continues to appeal his 2001 conviction. Hudson is now saying he was framed by police.

The hearing is one of more than two dozen which have been held since Hudson's sentencing.

"I would note that, you have for -- I may be mistaking -- but for the better part of a decade you've been going through appeals," said Outagamie County Circuit Court Judge Gregory Gill.

The circuit court, appeals court and the Wisconsin Supreme Court have rejected every one of Hudson's appeals.

With his trust in the justice system, Steve Van Dyn Hoven says his mission is to ensure his daughter's killer remains behind bars.

"Keep coming back till it's done," he said of his plans.

In court Thursday, Hudson withdrew some motions. But he may re-file them, which could result in more hearings in the future.

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