Hit and run damages Kewaunee Co. restaurant

Moxie's Supper Club Saturday, October 21, 2017. (WLUK/Pafoua Yang)

CASCO (WLUK) -- A popular Supper Club in Kewaunee County is damaged after a car hit the building. The driver then drove off.

The incident happened Saturday morning around 2 o'clock at Moxie's Supper Club in Casco.

What used to be an emergency exit door at Moxie's now stands dented, cracked and unusable.

Bartender Allison Castro was inside when it happened.

Castro said, "we had a few of our patrons in and all of a sudden we just heard a thud."

That thud came from a car backing into the building.

"One of the patrons had seen one of the vehicle take off and all we know is it was a darker vehicle, then we went outside to investigate," said Castro.

When Castro went outside, she immediately saw the damages. She was shocked to find out the door couldn't even open.

Workers also found broken tail lights by the emergency exit door.

The restaurant's owner, Doug Delebreau said he's concerned that his business temporarily won't have an emergency exit.

"If there is an emergency I'll do the proper procedures in getting the customers out," Delebreau said.

The Kewaunee County Sheriff's department is investigating the hit and run, looking for information about a car with broken tail lights.

Despite the damages, workers were relieved the incident happened after closing hours.

"I was happy it wasn't during dining time because that would have been a huge panic, in regards to people's safety as well," Castro said, "so I'm glad it happened over there versus even by the front door."

Delebreau said the suspect probably panicked although he didn't need to.

"It's awful that somebody decides to do this and decides to leave, you know we could work it out or whatever," Delebreau said.

Delebreau hopes to have the exit door fixed by next weekend.

Anyone with information about the car involved is asked to contact the Kewaunee County Sheriff's Department at (920) 388-3100.

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